5 Best Places for Beginners to Find Content Writing Jobs

One of the best forms of freelance writing jobs is content writing. With the tremendous growth of internet users, businesses have been forced to build websites and online stores. To rank these websites high on search engine result pages (SERPs), they need fresh content and this is one place to start online content writing jobs work from home.
If you have a knack for writing, content writing is a great freelancing option as you will have a constant flow of clients and good income. You can also specialize in a particular niche to enjoy your work and create better working relationships with clients. Well, it all starts with finding content writing jobs and as a beginner, this is one of the hurdles you have to overcome. This article highlights some of the top places you can find the best content writing gigs from home. Keep reading.

Online Job Boards

As a beginner, you have little choice but to work hard when looking for writing jobs. Online job boards provide a great option for anyone seeking to find their first content writing jobs from home. On these platforms, you will find a variety of freelancing gigs with content writing among the most popular.

While the available gigs on job boards pay lower than on other platforms, it is a good place to start for a beginner as it gives you the opportunity to gain experience and confidence in the industry. Some of the best job boards include Contena, ProBlogger, Freelance Writing Job Board, BloggingPro to mention a few.


If you have an interest in content writing jobs for beginners, it is advisable to seek out a few experienced writers in your niche. Many successful bloggers today say they grew their career due to mentorship from experienced writers. In content writing, you can fast-track your growth as a dependable writer by working closely with an experienced writer who can offer referrals to the best available writing gigs.


LinkedIn is one of the only professional social media networks where you can grow a career through networking. Serious clients are looking for professional content writers and this is one place they visit for the best talent. If you create a good profile and share links to some of your previous works, it is possible to start getting content writing jobs in Kolkata directly from website owners. It doesn’t matter whether you have experience in the industry as many website owners want to work with people who possess technical skills to in their line of work.

Writing Services

When beginning out as a freelance writer, it is advisable to learn the ropes from more experienced content writers. The best place to find such teams is WritingJobz. Such websites are in constant search for highly motivated writers and they offer content writing jobs for freshers. You will get writing gigs based on your experience and with time, it will become easier to choose what type of content to work on.

Facebook and Other Social Media Networks

Social media today is not only about family and friends networking but also for building business relationships. Businesses now know that social media platforms offer the best source of skills. With billions of people now on social media, it is easy to get the word out about your skills and land the best content writing gigs in your niche. There are Facebook groups for freelancers but you can also try other social media networks such as Reddit, Google + among others to find the latest content writing gigs.

Other good places to search for content writing jobs remote include Craigslist and website design companies. Remember you have to remain proactive in your search for writing gigs by aggressively pitching for content writing gigs.

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